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Healing with Myofascial Release 

Fibromyalgia; Stop the Pain!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

                      Myofascial Release    Fibromyalgia  

All you know is that you hurt, you can’t sleep and you’re exhausted. Your bowels are not functioning properly. Your memory seems to be getting worse, you can’t think straight and wonder if you are going crazy. Forget about multi tasking!

There are some who endlessly wander the medical establishment suffering with symptoms of fibro and going undiagnosed. Some doctors believe that the disease isn’t even real, despite the thousands of studies saying the contrary.  Behavioral disorder. NOT! Doctors will run tests to rule out thyroid conditions, autoimmune disorders and anemia, as all test results come back as normal. Are you more sensitive to pain than normal? Is it normal to hurt with just a light touching of the skin? Is it all in your head?

No,no,no! There is a strong relationship that exists between a restricted fascial system and the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Fascia connects each of the 50 trillion cells in the human body, and restrictions clamp down on pain-sensitive structures. Even where there was no specific injury, restricted fascia constricts with up to a ton of pressure. No wonder the nerves are feeling the pinch!

There is also strong relationship between past physical and emotional trauma, recent trauma, and the onset of fibro. A person may survive a childhood wrought with tension and abuse, seemingly unscathed. As an adult, he or she may experience another traumatic event. Five years later, everything hurts.

What is the relationship between trauma and the sympathetic nervous system? The person with Fibro is in a constant state of fight or flight.

 Fight-or-flight (or freeze) has always had a very specific purpose to keep us safe. It was meant to be “switched on” for only a short while to fight an attack, to run to safety, or to freeze in hopes of an attacker losing interest.

 Living in this state robs the body of the restorative sleep it needs to repair and heal. People need to rest and digest (parasympathetic system) to be able to heal.

The John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) addresses the many manifestations of fibromyalgia by using gentle, sustained pressure throughout the body.

 Angry nerves will calm, past traumas will heal, the fight or flight triggers will diminish, and a more healthy sleep pattern will emerge as the entirety of the fibro patient comes back into balance. MFR helps reduce the pain of fibromyalgia.

Pain Relief Therapies MFR and PRT Massage encourages anyone who can relate to the issues that surround the complexity of  Fibro to seek out a John F.Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist.

Essential Oils Blend For Pain Relief

Thursday, February 07, 2013

A perfect blend for pain relief and muscle aches! Peppermint due to the menthol content gives the surface of the skin a cooling sensation. Menthol sensitizes cold-sensitive neurons,increasing the impression of cooling. The rosemary and black pepper then warm the soft tissue internally. Lavender is amazing for almost everything, it is a great anti inflammatory and anti fungal. This blend not only works well for aches and pains, but smells good too.At PRT Massage in Frisco, Tx., we love educating our clients about pain relief and home self care. This blend may be used for migraines, before or after exercise, chronic pain, injuries any where you are hurting!  

Use a high quality essential oil such as Young Living

Lavender                15 drops

Rosemary               10 drops

Peppermint               7 drops

Roman Chamomile  5 drops

Black Pepper           3 drops

mix with a carrier oil

Do you have the BALLS........?????????

Thursday, February 07, 2013

At Pain Relief Therapies/Myofascial Release and Massage in Frisco,Tx., many times we are confronted with the monumental question from clients, "How many sessions will this take"? or they want us to be "FIXERS" within the short time that we spend with them.

More times than I have fingers to count on, these symptoms have been ongoing for many years. Our typical client is in pain or is trying to prevent injury because they are athletes or weekend warriors.

The sessions go well with a positive outcome. We send them home with some ideas on stretching and how to use the ball and the foam roller for self care. We also explain to them that if they want to increase their odds on making permanent change it would be a good idea to do this self care daily and be treated often until symptoms subside.

The client is amazed with the outcome of the session, then time goes by, and they wait until they are in excruciating pain once again. Weeks go by and the phone rings, it goes something like this, I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN, I SHOULDN'T HAVE WAITED, CAN YOU GET ME IN I AM REALLY HURTING.

As a husband and wife team and having been through pain ourselves we are both very empathetic and try to work you in our busy schedule. Thankfully right? The client comes in and during the Q & A session we politely ask, Have you been drinking your water? Have you been stretching? Have you been rolling on the ball? The reply....NO I NEVER GOT AROUND TO IT. UGGGGHHHHH PEOPLE.

We see you once a week for a hour. We will not be able to make a permanent change with out your help. Many people have been in this state of being brought on by trauma, injury, over use, posture, poor body mechanics, working on a computer all day etc. The relationship between therapeutic body work and self care is essential for lasting change. We have given you a few tools, now use them!

PLEASE! It is said that our countries health care is flawed. The biggest reason is we think someone else should be in charge of our health. We have to change this way of thinking and take control of our actions and health, only then can we regain our health. Do you have the balls?



A clients perspective

Saturday, November 10, 2012
24 years searching for a resolution of pain and suffering with fibromyalgia and being disappointed beyond words. I was losing hope. I had experimented with every traditional form of therapy such as; chiropractic, medications surgeries, naturopathy, physical and massage therapy, acupuncture and on and on. Nothing had worked. I even had a pain pump implanted for the pain.

Then I discovered JFB Myofascial Release. The fascial web in my body had become glued together from the inside out by a straight jacket of fascial restrictions.

I am now recovering from having the pain pump removed. Thanks to Myofascial Release I have gotten my life back. Make an appointment and discover your road to healing.

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